In a little over a year, filmmaker Jordan Stavrev has made an impact on the industry with his imaginative visual style and skillful ability to craft high-polish projects full of raw energy. Jordan was born in Bulgaria and moved to Gainesville, FL in 1993. His early pragmatism serendipitously led to a love of film. As a director, he developed a passion for high-concept and radically provocative cinematography. A move to Miami in 2012 birthed Jordan Stavrev Films, a creative digital brand that architects videos with individuality and substance. Jordan’s talent garnered fellowships with iconic directors, Gil Green and Hype Williams who continue to play an integral role in his professional development. His broad collection of work is both contemporary and nostalgic, drawing inspiration from the past while still remaining cutting-edge. Jordan is a conduit for DLSR originality that successfully cultivates distinct identities and themes in his films. As a student of the art, Jordan’s philosophy revolves around the exchange of creative ideas to craft an innovative digital experience. With the goal of bringing this camaraderie back in style, he has established a concept that goes well beyond cinema and photography. Jordan Stavrev Films continues to forge creative partnerships while redefining the blueprint of film.